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Music Festivals 2018

Music festival guide list of the best 2018 Music Festivals for Jam Band, Newgrass, and Folk Music

 2017 Music Festival Guide

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 Here is an amazing version of "Can't Find My Way Home" Performed by Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Derek Trucks and friends. Enjoy!


January  2018

Gem and Jam Festival 2018
Tucson, AZ -
(Festival Website)

January 25-28, 2018

Febuary  2018

Envision Festival 2018
Uvita, Costa Rica -
(Festival Website)

February 21-25, 2018

March  2018

Gasparilla Music Festival 2018
Tampa, FL -
(Festival Website)

March 10-11, 2018

April  2018

Wanee Music Festival 2018
Live Oak, FL -
(Festival Website)

April 19-21, 2018

Old Settler’s Music Festival 2018
Dale, TX -
(Festival Website)

April 19-22, 2018

Backwoods Music Festival 2018
Ozark, AR -
(Festival Website)

April 20-22, 2018

May  2018

Hangout Fest 2018
Gulf Shores, AL -
(Festival Website)

May 18-20, 2018

DelFest  Music Festival 2018
Cumberland, MD -
(Festival Website)

May 24-27, 2018

Summer Camp 2018
Chillicothe, IL -
(Festival Website)

May 25-27, 2018

California Roots Fest 2018
Monterey, CA -
(Festival Website)

May 25-27, 2018

Nelsonville Music Festival 2018

Nelsonville, OH - (Festival Website)

May 31-June 3, 2018

June  2018

The Untz Festival 2018

Mariposa, CA - (Festival Website)

June 1-3, 2018

Mountain Jam 2018
Hunter Mountain, NY - 
(Festival Website)
June 15-17, 2018

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2018
Boonville, CA - 
(Festival Website)
June 22-24, 2018

July  2018

High Sierra Music Festival 2018
Quincy, CA - 
(Festival Website)
July 5-8, 2018

High Sierra Music Festival 2018
Quincy, CA - 
(Festival Website)
July 5-8, 2018

Forecastle Festival 2018
Louisville, KY - 
(Festival Website)
July 13-15, 2018

Moondance Jam 2018
Walker, MN - 
(Festival Website)
July 18-21, 2018

Grassroots Festival 2018
Trumansburg, NY - 
(Festival Website)
July 19-22, 2018

Floydfest 2018
Floyd, VA - 
(Festival Website)
July 25-29, 2018

August  2018

Flood City Festival 2018
Johnstown, PA - 
(Festival Website)
August 3-4, 2018

Arise Music Festival 2018
Loveland, CO - 
(Festival Website)
August 3-5, 2018

September  2018

KAABOO Festival 2018
San Diego, CA - 
(Festival Website)
September 14-16, 2018

October 2018

Snuggleween 2017

Harrodsburg, KY - (Festival Website)

 October 26-28, 2018



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